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Overview and goals of the workshop

The reviewing process for robotics conferences has remained quite constant over the past decades, while the community has grown many folds. It is widely recognized that the current reviewing system is far from perfect and has some serious deficiency: It is slow, taking up to six months from submission to publication. Anonymous reviewers might be biased. Reviewers get little credit for their good work and can write bad reviews with almost no consequences. Traditional peer review is also a static process, where changes in the paper can only be done at pre-scheduled intervals.

With this workshop, we want to increase awareness for an open reviewing process. We believe that open review will not only help the authors and reviewers but also significantly improve the quality of publications. The goal of the workshop is two-fold. On one side, it is a discussion forum on the current reviewing model and the benefits of a more open system. On the other side, it will serve as an open review experiment, where we select contributed papers to be presented based on an open review model.